Construction of photovoltaic parks

Photovoltaic parks

At ECOTISA S.L. we are specialists in executing photovoltaic parks. We have experience in this type of construction work, either on the ground, or on roofs or even parking canopies.

Holistic management of the project at all levels

Our work includes the entire construction and installation process of the photovoltaic park: preparation of the ground, preparation of foundations for the different structures, execution of ditches for electric cable laying and connection, as well as all those auxiliary buildings necessary for the park to work, such as substations and transformation centres.

We have our own team of qualified technical professionals who work as a team with the installation company thus guaranteeing the success, quality of the work and compliance with deadlines.

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If you want to know more about our work in the construction of photovoltaic parks, get in contact with us and consult us without commitment. You will receive personalized advice and a tailor-made quotation.