What do we do?

Ecotisa - What do we do?

ECOTISA, S.L. is a national construction company, with headquarters in Zaragoza and in Madrid. Specialized in industrial, tertiary and services projects, we also develop and execute all types of construction projects, both new builds and rehabilitation.

Since we started out in 2008, we have carried out our work adapting to the needs of each one of our customers with personal attention, responding to their needs. From “turnkey” projects to work involving conversions, extensions and reforms of buildings, offices and premises, we always offer our customers the best service and advice to help them reach their goals with the least investment and strictly complying with the deadlines established.

Over the last few years, we have experienced a national and international expansion. Work and collaborations in other cities and countries have become a norm. An example of this is the opening of our offices in France in 2011.

For our projects to be successful, we have our own human team. Both the technical staff and the on-site team, are made up of highly qualified professionals who can respond to the demands of each construction work.

We have a large and continuously evolving fleet of vehicles and construction machinery that enable us to cope with any project with a high degree of reliability, autonomy and independence, minimizing costs and risks derived from subcontracting.

Our maxim focuses on obtaining a quality result, and our experience is our best guarantee. Commitment and seriousness with our customers is vital.

Our values


We always plan our work based on a high quality standard. Our customer’s full satisfaction is our objective.


We place the best professionals at our customers’ service. The experience and continuous training of our personnel is a basic pillar.


All our projects are undertaken with maximum commitment and engagement. To this end, our dealings with our customers are personal, direct and close.